Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance Information for Motorcyclists

Motorcycle insurance is a necessity if you’re going to ride on any public roadways. You must adhere to state insurance regulations or risk punishment. If you own and drive a motorcycle, then insurance coverage is not optional. You are required to have liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury. But in addition to that you can add collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorist coverage.

The additional coverage provides more comprehensive protection beyond getting into an accident. So you will also have coverage for things such as colliding into a stationary object, vandalism and theft.


When buying this coverage, the insurance company will consider the type of bike you have. They will also examine your driving record and then factor everything in to provide you with the cost of insurance premiums. Once you have coverage, you can file a claim if anything happens. They will tell you what the process is to have repairs and other things handled. You will be responsible for a deductible, but the insurance company should cover the rest.

Why You Need It

The main reason to get this insurance is that it is required by law. You can face unpleasant circumstances if you do not have coverage. And it is also a way to provide financial protection for you and other people on the street.