Long Term Care Insurance

Useful Information about Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance helps with the ever-increasing costs of private nursing care, home care, and assisted living. Traditional medical insurance typically does not cover these expenses. This insurance coverage is one way to help you pay for these expenses on your own.

Long-Term Care Explained

Most people assume long-term care with assisted living is for elderly people. This is mostly because it pertains to ongoing care for individuals who cannot perform simple Activities of Daily Living. Things like dressing and bathing are simple daily activities. But a person does not need to be elderly to need help with these activities. A person may be unable to perform them due to injuries, sicknesses, or cognitive disorders, regardless of age. Long term care is available in places such as nursing homes, adult day-care facilities, and hospitals. You can even get at-home care from a home healthcare professional.

It is a fact that long-term care is expensive for most people. Medicaid might possibly pay for some long-term care, but it might not cover the entire expense. This would mean you’d pay for the rest out of our own pocket. Since Medicare and Medicare supplementary programs don’t cover most long-term care costs, you need to purchase a long term insurance policy. You can apply for this type of policy if you are between the ages of forty and eighty, you have assets you want to protect, you can afford the premiums, and you are insurable in regards to your health.

Once you have long-term care coverage, you will be able to use it should you need long-term care.