Commercial Auto Insurance

Any business that uses trucks, cars, vans or any vehicles for business purposes needs commercial auto insurance. You will need liability coverage for property damage and injuries that result from an accident that occurs in a business vehicle. You should also consider uninsured/underinsured coverage and medical coverage. If your company leases the vehicles, then you will still need protection for your business.

The vehicles can be listed on your policy as a group or separately. That makes it possible to have different coverage depending on the vehicles and what coverage is needed.

The agent will ask for details on how the vehicles are part of the business. You will need to say if the vehicles are rented, leased, or owned. You will also have to say who will drive them, and if you and the staff members will likely drive personal vehicles for your business. Once you provide this information, the insurance agent can help you choose the coverage you need.

Commercial auto insurance is important when your business needs vehicles in order to operate. Without insurance, you will have no recourse should your business vehicles become involved in an accident or are stolen or vandalized. Speak with an insurance agent about the best auto insurance for your situation.