Auto Insurance

Finding affordable auto insurance is not easy. You need to at least have liability coverage, but that might not be enough for your needs. Liability is generally the most inexpensive option for auto insurance. That is good because liability is required by law. However, most people desire more extensive coverage that helps them in a wider variety of situations. In any case, you need some type of auto insurance to legally drive your car on public roads in the US.

In most cases, liability coverage will be your entry point to auto insurance. You can legally drive your vehicle if you have this type of coverage. So technically, you could stop here and purchase nothing else. This coverage pays for the damages you cause to others on the road. Keep in mind it does not cover your expenses, such as repairs to your car.

Collision is another type of coverage, and it does pay for repairs to your vehicle. But it does not cover damages from incidents such as fire or theft. Then there is comprehensive coverage, which is the most extensive level of coverage. It covers most incidents that you will experience, including accidents and non-accident related damages. You can also ask about rental car reimbursement, personal property coverage, and personal injury coverage.

What you want is a policy that is affordable for your budget. However, you should consider the highest level of protection that you need. Discounts are often available if you ask the insurance provider for information. You can also have an automated draft from your checking account to pay the premium. Most auto insurance providers even give a discount for this and even more when you use paperless billing.